Prayer Requests for Teenagers

Prayer Requests for Teenagers


  • Pray that they would understand God’s love and respond to it by giving their lives to Jesus Christ

  • Pray that they walk in integrity and honesty towards their parents, friends, and other people.

  • Pray that those who were saved when they were young would not compromise their faith as they go through the teenage years.

  • Pray that they will reject negative involvement in drugs, gun culture, and alcohol addiction

  • Pray that they will influence their peers in a good way, and use wisdom to resist being influenced into dangerous situations.

  • Pray for their safety in whatever they do.

  • Pray that they make good use of their time and focus on their goals to achieve a brighter future.

  • Pray that they will conduct themselves as good role models for the younger siblings and young generation.

  • Pray that they show respect for their parents and the society they live in.

  • Pray that God give them wisdom and grace to deal with family problems and divorces.

  • Pray that they make wise decisions and good choices when experiencing relationships.

  • Pray that they build on their experiences and stop making the same mistakes.