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Prayer Requests for University Students

Pray that God will grant new students the grace to settle into their new environment and abide by their university guidelines for student interactions.

Pray that they will seek God’s wisdom in managing their student life, avoiding contributing to the spread of infection, and getting involved in dangerous adventures.

Pray that God will give students who are Christians the boldness to stand up for their faith and not compromise their faith in face of challenges.

Pray that Jesus Christ will be their focus as they return to study on campus, online, and with their friends.

Pray that God will protect his children at university from the wickedness of men, and that they will not be tempted to repay evil for evil.

Pray that they will learn to use their time wisely to study, revise, and interact with other students.

Pray that his children will not fall into temptation but lead others in the way of God’s righteousness.

Pray that Christians will seek God’s face to learn his purpose for leading them to study at their university, and what role they should play within their community.

Pray that students who are Christians will shine as light wherever they are.

Pray that university students will be role models of hard work and study for those who are in secondary schools.

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