• Titilola Blessings

Prayer for the Unemployed

Over the last few months, many people have lost their job due to the pandemic. Let us pray for them.

Pray that God will continue to strengthen them through this difficult period and that they will hold on to his grace to keep them motivated.

Pray that God will continue to encourage those who are actively seeking work but are getting very frustrated and discouraged.

Pray that God will give them wisdom to manage the little finances they have until they receive a regular income.

Pray that God will continue to provide a roof over their heads, food to eat, and clothes to wear.

Pray that they will not lose their self-esteem but look unto God who answers prayers.

Pray that they will not lean on their own understanding but seek help with completing application forms, learning interview techniques, and creating CVs.

Pray that the young adults will submit to authorities at their workplaces and hold on to their jobs in order to gain experience and required skill set.

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