• Titilola Blessings

Pray for the Vulnerable in Local Area

​Prayer requests below are for the vulnerable and marginalized people you know or live within your local area.

Pray that God will use people to meet the needs of those who are in dire need of food and clothing, wherever they are. ​ Pray for God’s protection against the wicked and bullies, who try to prey on the vulnerable and elderly people. ​ Pray that the elderly and vulnerable people will receive Jesus into the hearts and put their trust in him. ​ Pray for God to use people to reach with the gospel to those people who are socially excluded either by society and individuals. ​ Pray that Christians will treat everyone, regardless of who they are, with respect and without discrimination within their own congregation. ​ Pray that God will continue to comfort the widows, widowers, and orphans as they try to continue to rebuild their lives within the society. ​ Pray that Christians and Churches will show God’s love to those people struggling with disability, low self-esteem, and social rejection, and that God will give his children wisdom to make these people feel special and needed within the society. ​ Pray that Christians who are disabled will use their experience to encourage other people going through the same difficulty within the society.

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