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Developing Your Prayer Life

Has your prayer life remained the same over the years? Or has there been gradual changes to the way you pray as you develop spiritually? As new Christians, we prayed just the same way we did before we were saved. We babbled as babes in Christ. God still heard us and answered our prayers.

As we grow spiritually in Christ, there must be signs of a developing prayer life. It is part of our Christian growth. There has to be changes in the way we pray and in how we exercise our faith to demonstrate growth.

We become more confident in the way we ask God for things because he hears us if we pray according to his will, as stated in 1 John 5:14.

We are more knowledgeable in the word of God and that strengthens our faith to ask for things that appeared impossible to receive during our years of ignorance. We listen more to how experienced Christians pray and learn from them. Mature Christians know that they do not know it all and are always open minded to learn.

The more we listen to prayers of experienced Christians, the more we learn how to use the prayer in our day-to-day life. We know how to correctly put on the armour of God and use prayer as a spiritual weapon to stand against the attacks of the enemy.

A good soldier on a battlefield knows when to attack and when to defend themselves. They know which weapon to use to attack the enemy and which weapon to use to protect themselves from the attack of the enemy.

Finally, prayer is about fellowship with God. The more we pray the closer our relationship with God. The more we communicate with someone the closer we are to the person. Communication is a two-way process. We communicate with a friend, but we must listen to the friend if the relationship is going to develop.

A developing prayer life shows signs of closeness with God, ability to listen and obey him, and a desire to always communicate with God.

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