• Titilola Blessings

Prayer Requests for Politicians

Pray for God’s wisdom for your country’s politicians to make the right decisions regarding the economy and health of the people.​

Pray that the politicians will be open and honest about their plans for the country.

Pray that the politicians will seek the interest of the people they serve rather than their selfish ambitions.

Pray for politicians who are Christians, for the Spirit of God to lead them to fulfil his purpose in their lives and within the position they are holding.

Pray that the Christians in politics will shine the light of Christ to change the way politics are conducted and perceived in their country.

Pray that politicians in developing countries will manage their countries’ finances and resources very well for the good of the people, and reject corruption and bribery.

Pray that politicians will make the correct decision in developing the education system and health system of their country, and not just using vain words to woe voters.

Pray for the salvation of those politicians who have not known God so that they can stir the country into righteousness and promote godly living among their people.

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