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How to Pray - Step 2

There is no specific way of praying to God. Some people will kneel on the floor, especially if you have good bending knees. Some people will pray standing up, while others will sit and pray.

Your position during prayers is the least of your worries. God seeks the heart, whether you are standing, walking about, or kneeling. Some people sit to pray because they see prayers to chat and communicate with God as a friend. After all, God is your Father and friend.

Some people will walk about for several reasons, including personal reasons. People walk and pray on streets. If their heart is on God, he will hear their prayers. Some people walk around a room because their heart is full of passion and feel they are in a spiritual warfare.

Some people kneel as a sign of humbleness of mind and reverence to God. They kneel and bend their heads in complete submission. It helps with concentration.

During prayers, you may want to close your eyes to avoid distraction, but God will still answer your prayers if you open your eyes.

Whatever position you wish to take while praying, be rest assured that God will hear and answer your prayers.

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