• Titilola Blessings

Evangelism - Prayer Requests

Pray that Christians' lives will glorify God and draw people to the saving grace of Jesus.

Pray that people will be encouraged and strengthened when they hear Christians speak.

Pray that those who come in contact with Christians will see Jesus in them.

Pray that the Word of God preached or shared with other people will point to God's free salvation through faith.

Pray for the evangelists. Pray that God will continue to use them to open people's mind to the truth of the gospel.

Pray that those who are unable to preach the gospel in other areas will spend time praying for people to know the truth that can set them free.

Pray that professing Christians will seek to be witnesses for God through the life they live.

Pray that people seeking the spiritual truth in Jesus will be repositioned to hear the truth that can set them free.

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