• Titilola Blessings

Prayer Requests for Doctors, Nurses, & other Health Workers

Thank God for their skills to diagnose and prescribe correct medication for the healing of a person.

Pray that God will give them wisdom and his discernment to understand unfamiliar symptoms as discussed by their patients.

Pray that God will keep them humble whenever they use the power of medical knowledge to help people.

Pray that they are open minded when helping those with mental issues.

Pray for that God will continue to protect them as they work with emotionally unstable people.

Pray that God will draw their hearts towards the truth professionally and spiritually.

Pray that they will have funds to purchase medical equipment and other things they need for the treatment of people.

Pray that developing countries will continue to develop their healthcare system and invest in

developing the skills of their medical staff.

Pray that God will continue to renew their physical and mental strength as they commit all their time to the full recovery of patients.

Pray that God will give them patience when working with children, elderly, and the mentally challenged adults.

Pray that God will develop their listening skills and a genuine caring heart.

Thank God for using these medical professionals to keep his children healthy both physically and mentally.

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