• Titilola Blessings

Love That Runs So Deep

On his head was a woven crown of thorns

Sharp as nails piercing through his skull

His eyes were red. Their sockets floating in tears

His hair became blood

Tied to a pillar, the rope was whipped round his body

Sharp spikes peeled his flesh and blood flowed

like a stream of water over his body

Dumb, deaf, and muted he remained

As watchers laughed and scorned

With his back bent carrying

A heavy cross on his shoulders

His face hit the ground many times

Then came Simon to lend a hand

He was laid upright on the same cross

Arms stretched out wide as if he was about to fly

Foot on top of each other secured to the cross

His body was soaked in sweat and blood

The spear cut deep.

Water and blood flowed out of his side

With his head bowed and a loud cry

His spirit left his body.

Rumours had it they saw him here and there

Until he visited his friends again

They could not believe their eyes

He rose from the grave with victory in his hand

Then they learnt why Jesus suffered so much

He did it for you and me.

That we can have an inheritance in heaven

And become children of the Most High God

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