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Pray for Local Churches

Pray and intercede for other churches in your area and in your country. Pray for them as if they are your own church. Whatever you sow in other Churches shall you reap in your own. Pray for other Churches that are not branches of your denomination and see your prayers become alive in your own church. Your prayers for them may just become blessings for your own church.

Good leadership

Pray for wisdom for Church leaders to make informed decisions that will lead to the spiritual growth of individuals

Pray for God to develop their church ministries to his own glory

Pray the leaders have spiritual knowledge and understanding of the word of God to be able to teach the truth to their congregation

Pray leaders will serve their congregation with humility and the love of God.

Pray each leader will live a righteous and holy life, that can be a good example to the members.


Pray that each member of the congregation understands what it means to accept Jesus Christ as saviour and Lord in their life.

Pray that they will fellowship together in unity and love, putting aside jealousy, unhealthy ambitions, gossips, and judgmental spirits.

Pray that they become a house of prayer to the glory of God

Pray each member live a prayerful life and walk in righteous and by faith.

Pray for the Spirit of God to manifest within their fellowship, leading many to seek a closer relationship with God.

If you have any prayer requests regarding your church or any particular church, regardless of country and would like us to pray, please email your prayer requests to

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