• Titilola Blessings

Prayer Requests for Christians

Pray for other Christians the same way you will pray for yourself and for the things you want God to do in your life.

Pray for:

  • God’s hand will empower and equip Christians across your country and within your local area.

  • God will continue to open their spiritual ears and eyes to see what he is doing in their lives and around them, and that they will give thanks for his kindness.

  • God will open their minds to understand the vision he has given them as individuals and as a group in their Church.

  • God will keep them and their families in good health as they hold on to him by faith.

  • God will send people to those Christians who need practical, spiritual, and emotional support.

  • God will lead their loved ones to know the saving grace and healing power of Jesus Christ.

  • God will continue to teach them to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Shepherd.

  • The Holy Spirit will guide them into studying for their exams as they should.

  • God will give them wisdom to do their job and run their businesses under guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  • God will provide for their needs, whether it is financial, employment, accommodation, and food.

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