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Hitting a Brick Wall

We can pray and pray until we are blue in the face, and still feel there is a brick of wall between us and God. We can confess our sins over and over but we feel further from God than we ever did. We cannot seem to sense God's presence near us as before when we prayed. We cannot find him, no matter how much we sought him.

The good news is that God has gone nowhere, "but your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hidden his face from you, that he will not hear you" Isaiah 59:2.

His presence is with us as always. He may just be waiting for us to do what He told us to do several weeks or months ago. We know that we no longer enjoy praying as we used to. We make excuses for not praying. We convince ourselves that everything is all right but deep down we know that our fellowship with God has changed.

Disobedience is the by-product of procrastination, hesitation, and fear of what people will say. Before long we have shelved whatever God laid on our hearts to do and forgot all about it.

We continue to seek God and wonder where He is. All we need to do is jog our memory. We may be surprised at what we remember that we should have done or should not have done.

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