• Titilola Blessings


With the burden of sin

And nowhere to turn

I found myself sinking

Guilt, anxiety, and restlessness

Were my constant companions.

I cried for help and sought for peace

Family were full of words and advice

Friends were full of fun and laughter

But happiness I got was always on a timer

One day I visited a friend

As the light turned into darkness

My friend took me to the throne of grace

As the morning dawned, so did my spirit awake

From then on, I turned my life around

Peace and Joy I sought at no one’s expense

I asked for the blood of Jesus to wash my sins away

The burden of sin rolled off and the joy of the Lord flowed in.

Peace at last! Peace at last! I cried.

I found the peace and joy sin robbed me off

The assurance that Jesus will guide my heart into the truth

Came flooding through his Word.

With my mind stayed on Jesus, his perfect peace I have

I found my Lord again! My spirit celebrated.

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