• Titilola Blessings

Prayer Requests for Albania

Pray for wisdom for the government to know how to manage the development of the country to the benefit of the people with regards to their health and education system.

Pray for the development of the country's infrastructure to support their agricultural production.

Pray for wisdom for the government to know how to alleviate poverty and help the homeless in the country.

Pray for skilled fishermen and necessary equipment for the development of their fishing industry.

Pray for spiritual maturity for Christians to continue to love non-Christians and live peaceable with them.

Pray that their youth will seek to contribute positively to the development of their country.

Pray that the people will put their trust in the living God and depend on him to guide them into the Truth of his Word.

Pray that the people will know the loving God and his way to salvation.

Pray for safety and protection of children.

Pray for wisdom for Christians and Church leaders to conduct themselves wisely to shine the light and glory of Jesus wherever they go and in whatever they do.

Pray for technological development and supply of raw materials to increase agricultural production, which in turn will provide revenue and food for the people.

Finally, pray that Albania will become a major player in Europe's economical and political affairs.

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